30 May 2020 5:58 a.m. (NZT)
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How we do what we do

We aim to keep things simple. We like to know where our seeds come from, how they are planted, under what conditions they grow, how they are harvested, when and who packs them, and where they go. That’s us: we take an interest in our produce every step of the way.

Land custodianship 
A Balle Bros farm is one that future generations will come to enjoy, just as we have. Custodianship means nurturing the land so that it is a safe and healthy source of food for the future.

We have a dedicated team constantly searching for and trialling new ideas to improve our vegetable offering and to improve the experience of all of our vegetable consumers.

Tried and tested guidelines are followed on each and every farm to ensure optimal growing conditions. Each farm has its own crop rotation system designed to fit with the local climate and soil conditions. We also plant “cover crops” such as mustard or oats as these keep the soil in its natural state and avoid erosion. They help retain valuable nutrients between crop plantings, typically over winter.

Our fleet of trucks beat a path from farm to pack house, pack house to customer and back again, all day, every day.

At our Pukekohe packhouse, we go to great lengths when it comes to grading our vegetables into just the right sizes and packaging formats for our customers.

Sales and Marketing 
We have a team of focussed sales staff, who work closely with our customers from all over the world to ensure that they get what they need, when they need it. The team is based at our Pukekohe packhouse so that they can keep an eye on what goes out and when.

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