30 May 2020 4:45 a.m. (NZT)
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Our equipment

Reliable equipment is vital to the successful day to day operations of our business. From our fleet of tractors out in the field, to the software system and mobile devices used to monitor the growth of our crops, we trust our equipment to accompany us every step of the way.

About Our Equipment

Farm and Crop Management
Our field equipment assists in managing the soil and the lifecycle of our produce from sowing the seed through to harvesting and delivery to the packhouse.
We use technologies such as GPS and Crop Management Systems on farm and invest in relevant training programs to help us deliver premium quality fresh produce at all times.

Equipment / Pack House
We have specific sizing/grading equipment that enables us to deliver our produce in the different specifications and pack types our customers require.  The machines are used all year round, with some of them on the go 24/7 during peak seasonal periods.

Information Systems
We have a robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that tracks all product going out from our packhouse.  It ensures traceability throughout the whole business process and quality assurance for our customers.  Our fleet is equipped with GPS and fleet management solutions that provides a powerful tool for vehicle management.

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