30 May 2020 3:49 a.m. (NZT)
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Our farms in Franklin offer just the right volcanic soil, sun, rain and drainage for growing green, red and Savoy cabbages.

On the plate

Cabbage has a reputation for being boiled, not eaten. We’re keen on eating all three types raw, even swapping them in a favourite recipe. The traditional summer coleslaw for example, made using green cabbage grated with carrot, a little onion for bite, brought together with a light mayonnaise. Try substituting red cabbage, to add a colourful twist, or Savoy for a delightful surprise for the discerning ‘slaw palate.

Culinary friends Carrot, parsley, mayonnaise

Body and mind

Cabbage is loaded with goodness and low in calories, should you need to count them! Containing a healthy dose of vitamin C and soluble fibre, it makes a great accompaniment to any iron-rich red meat.


Belonging to the Brassica family, the cabbage has many cousins in all shapes and sizes: turnips (roots), brussel sprouts (leaves), broccoli and cauliflower (flowers), to the seed forms – mustard and oil-producing rapeseed. Brassicas are one of most widely eaten vegetables today.

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