30 May 2020 5:55 a.m. (NZT)
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The outer leaves of the cauli’ protect perfectly the precious white flower that blooms quietly inside. We monitor closely the early months of growth to ensure good hydration and protection from insects.

On the plate

The classic cauliflower cheese combo is our favourite, just as simple or as ‘gourmet’ as you like. From the straightforward approach, boiled, topped with a cheese sauce made from grated cheese, boiled milk and a little butter; to alternatives using nutmeg, cardamom, even blue vein cheese topped with walnuts and a couple of slices of pear on the side. (yum!)

Feeding body and mind

Being a brassica and a cousin of the cabbage, cauliflower offers a great combination of both vitamin C and fibre.


Mark Twain (1835-1910), famous for his Huckleberry Finn novel, referred to cauliflower as “nothing but a cabbage with a college education”. It took centuries of cultivation and innovative thinking for farmers to produce the tight head of clustered flower buds to replace the compact leaves of the cabbage head from the same plant. Well done we say!

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