We grow two main brown varieties: the Pukekohe Long Keeper and the Early Long Keeper. The Early Long Keeper requires less maturing time (no surprises), allowing it to be harvested and eaten as summer starts kicking in. As both of their names suggest, these onions keep well when stored properly.

We grow our very own red onion, unique with its fantastic storage ability, bright red skins, pungent taste and distinct red rings.

On the plate

The popular and ubiquitous onion goes in virtually any dish, regardless of cuisine. The browns offer a perfect base to any stock, soup, casserole or burger, while reds are a great addition to a summer salad, uncooked, of course.

Culinary friends Pretty much everyone!

Feeding body and mind

The modest onion helps maintain a healthy immune system, a vital first defence in protecting the body from illness.


We are one of a handful of NZ growers that handclip some of our onions. Harvesting and clipping is done by a dedicated team of summer staff. The onions are then left to cure for a couple of days in the field, before collection, bagging and then off to the pack house for grading and packing.