The humble potato was our very first crop over 50 years ago. With experience and expertise built up over three generations, Balle Bros now offers more than 20 varieties.  We are also continuously developing and trialling new varieties.

On the plate

One of New Zealand’s favourite vegetables, the potato is a trusty staple to any meal. Not only are they a great accompaniment to all meats, but you can use them to make beautiful salad meals, savoury cakes, even potato bread. Just choose the appropriate variety and the rest will follow.

Feeding body and mind

Potatoes are surprisingly rich in vitamin C. They help the body absorb minerals when eaten with other iron-rich foods. Potatoes are also excellent for satisfying hungry appetites, the sugar carbohydrates releasing energy gradually, allowing you to go longer between meals.


In the 19th century it was believed that a single acre of potatoes and the milk from just one cow was enough to feed an entire, heathy and vigorous rural Irish family, a nutritionally adequate diet.